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Practice Policies

Practice is a very important part of swim competition. For practice information please see below. Everyone is requested to attend the practices as often as possible. The more you practice, the better you will swim.

Parents are welcome to sit at the chairs and tables on the pool deck during the practice. However, it is imperative that they do not try to talk to the coach or swimmers during the practice. If you would like to talk to the coach, please come a few minutes before the early practice, or stay after the later practice. No time is allowed between the practices for the coach to talk to parents. While you are at the practices, please LET THE COACHES DO THE COACHING. It is confusing to your child to have you giving her advice while the coaches are working with her. You may talk to them after the practices if you have concerns

Brothers and sisters who are not on the swim team are not allowed to swim since they are not insured.

It is preferable that swimmers have some familiarity with the 4 swim strokes and should be able to make the length of the pool (25 yards) . For the very youngest swimmers, age 6 and under, the swimmer should be comfortable in the water and eager to learn. While summer league swimming is not intended to be swim lessons, we will definitely offer your swimmer a chance to learn new strokes, consistently improve and have a great time!

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